Go Learning Resources

24th September 2020

This is a record of the resources that I am/have used to learn the Go programming language. This is mostly for my records but other that venture down the Golang path may also find it useful. Books Get Programming with Go - Nathan Youngman / Roger Peppe Black Hat Go: Go... continue reading


Use TCL to Pingsweep a Subnet on a Cisco IOS Device

8th September 2020

TCL is a simple programming language that you can use on Cisco IOS devices. This is just a quick post to demonstrate how to run a pingsweep on a Cisco IOS device using TCL. To enter the TCL shell use the tclsh command. A simple forloop can be used to ping a few addresses.... continue reading


Pushing to Multiple Git Remotes

31st August 2020

I am working on a project where I need to push to both a github and bitbucket repository as the project is stored in both of these locations. I do not have the ability to sync between the two using either github or bitbuckets built in tools. This post goes through the process of... continue reading

git linux github bitbucket

Install an Ubuntu 1804 VM on Hyper-V as a Vagrant Server

18th August 2020

Readers of my blog will probably have noticed that I like to use Vagrant for development and testing. I recently switched to using Windows and found the Hyper-V provider for Vagrant to be a bit limited. In this post I will install an Ubuntu 1804 VM on Hyper-V for use as a... continue reading

vagrant windows hyper-v linux

Hyper-V Enable Nested Virtualization in Linux VM

17th August 2020

I really like Vagrant for developement and testing. The Vagrant team maintains a Hyper-V provider for use with Windows but it has some limitations. A very big one being limited networking support. For example: You cannot create additional networks so are stuck using the... continue reading

windows hyper-v linux

Vagrant Libvirt Install Ubuntu 1804

16th August 2020

This post will cover the process of installing Vagrant with the libvirt provider on Ubuntu 1804. For reference the following software will be used in this post. Ubuntu - 1804 Vagrant - 2.2.9 Vagrant-libvirt - 0.1.2 System Prep Before we begin, lets ensure the host is... continue reading

vagrant linux

Linux Shell Recursively Remove Whitespace Lines From All Files

25th July 2020

This is just a quick post to outline how to remove the lines with only white space from all files in a directory tree. I found another method to do this with the application I am using but I wanted to keep this handy one liner in my back pocket for future reference. Dark Magic ... continue reading

linux shell

Remove Whitespace from Rendered Templates in 11ty

23rd July 2020

The default behavour of 11ty is to just remove the template tags from rendered templates and leave behind white space in its place. This is probably mostly fine but for me it was causing large amounts of white space in my rendered templates and needless changes in git diffs. ... continue reading

node 11ty nunjucks

NVM Install and Usage Ubuntu 2004

22nd July 2020

Node version manager (NVM) allows you to run different version of Node on your system which is very helpful for testing and ensuring that the Node version you test on is the same as the Node version you run in production. This is just a quick post on how to install and use (NVM) on... continue reading

node nvm javascript

Cisco ACI Tips and Tricks

3rd July 2020

Cisco ACI does things a bit differently to traditional networking. I find myself constantly duck hunting to do simple things so I am documenting them here so they are easier for me to fine. Get VRF Names Get a list of VRFs with the show vrf command from a leaf node. How to... continue reading

cisco aci networking

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