Starship Prompt Install and Configure

18th May 2020

Over the years I have customised my shell prompt to make it "cool" and "informative". Previously I have used powerline and powerlevel10k. Both were pretty nice, with powerlevel10k being the much faster of the two. I recently came across the Starship project which looks... continue reading


Growing a Beard

15th May 2020

It's 2020 and the world is coming to an end. Everyone is in lock down due to some kind of killer bat virus. I have always wanted to grow a beard and seeing every one with their awesome lock down beards has inspired me to grow one of my own. The Problem I'll be 41 this year. I was... continue reading

non-technical beard

NodeJS Notes: Functions

13th May 2020

Functions allow you to implement repeatable block of code. Functions are first class objects. Functions are called in order to execute the code within the function. Functions have a variable scope that is local to the function itself. Standard Functions // Typescript version with... continue reading

node typescript

AWS S3 Cloudfront Static Website Hosting

9th May 2020

I recently migrated my blog to AWS, since it was mostly static content I did not see much point in maintaining at VM and a tech stack just to to host static content. It was overkill. There are a lot of options for hosting a static site these days but since I am currently ... continue reading


AWS Redirect URL with Route 53 and S3

6th May 2020

I previously hosted my domains with GoDaddy. In their service it was pretty trivial to redirect a URL from one domain to another. I own the domain and I redirect it to The process to do this is not as simple with AWS so in... continue reading


AWS CLI Installation and Setup

23rd April 2020

In this post I will show you how to get the AWS CLI install and setup so that you can interact with AWS service via the CLI on your local machine. Installation At the time of writing there are two version of the AWS CLI. It is recommended to install version 2 of the... continue reading


Coding Packets the 11ty Edition

22nd April 2020

Last year I migrated to a rails stack hosted on a digital ocean droplet. You can read about that here. I really love rails and was completely happy with that choice however, I am tired of managing infrastructure for what is essentially a static site. Therefore I... continue reading

node 11ty

2020 Goals

7th January 2020

Its 2020 a new year and a new decade. I want to start the next decade with a bang and not spend it like I spend the last decade working myself to death. My goals for this year are primarily personal. I still have career related goals but they are not my primary focus. 2019 Goals 10%... continue reading


2019 Year In Review

3rd January 2020

2019 turned out to be a pretty productive year. At the start of the year I set myself a few goals outlined in this post. How did I stack up? Read on to find out. 2019 Goals Loose 20kgs I started out the year at 89.9kgs and wanting to lose 20kgs. I finished the year at 71.9kgs a loss... continue reading


Go Notes: Structs

24th November 2019

A Structure or struct for short, is a type defined by the user that stores a collection of fields. go // create a struct type stuffAndThings struct // Instantiate a struct st := stuffAndThings // Use the dot (.) operator to access struct fields st.stuff st.things ... continue reading


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