Rails Generators Cheat Sheet

3rd December 2020

As I am digging into Rails again I find myself constantly having to look the naming and syntax of generators up so I am documenting them in this post. Rails utilizes convention over configuration to speed up development and increase developer happiness. If you embrace this fact... continue reading

rails ruby

Pyenv Install Centos 8

24th November 2020

cuction Pyenv is a similar tool to rbenv, where you can easily install and use mulitple versions of python. This allows you to test across multiple versions of python as well as pin an app to a specific release. Software Versions Used Centos - 8.2.2004 Pyenv -... continue reading

python pyenv centos linux

rbenv Install Ubuntu 2004

21st November 2020

rbenv is a utility for installing multiple ruby versions on a host machine. Using rbenv allows you to install ruby in a path you have ownership over so you can install gems without having to have sudo or root privileges. rbenv also allows you to target the exact ruby version in... continue reading

ruby rbenv ubuntu linux

EVE-NG Firefox and ZOC Terminal

20th November 2020

On Windows, I use the ZOC terminal for telnet/SSH session. Naturally, I wanted to also use ZOC as the terminal for the EVE-NG web console. So when you click on a node, it opens a tabbed session in ZOC automatically. This was not so straight forward and I burned alot of cycles... continue reading

eveng zoc

11ty File Watchers Error

20th November 2020

I have come across a file watchers error a couple of times now with new installs of 11ty and I am documenting the fix in this post for future me. The Error When starting a local 11ty dev server with the command: You get the following error: The Solution Some quick... continue reading

11ty node


16th November 2020

Below are links to my CCIE-SP study notes. This is a work in progress and will be updated as I work through the topics. SPCORE 350-501 - Written Blueprint 1.0 Architecture 1.1 Describe service provider architectures 1.1.a Core architectures (Metro Ethernet, MPLS, unified MPLS,... continue reading

certification cisco

Optus Android MMS No Workie

25th October 2020

I migrated away from an iphone to an Android phone recently and MMS was not working. I was unable to send or receive MMS and it was pretty annoying as I was not getting funny memes from all of my non-existant friends. It looks like this is a pretty common issue going back years and... continue reading

non-technical rant

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