Linux Shell Recursively Remove Whitespace Lines From All Files

25th July 2020

This is just a quick post to outline how to remove the lines with only white space from all files in a directory tree. I found another method to do this with the application I am using but I wanted to keep this handy one liner in my back pocket for future reference. Dark Magic ... continue reading

linux shell

Remove Whitespace from Rendered Templates in 11ty

23rd July 2020

The default behavour of 11ty is to just remove the template tags from rendered templates and leave behind white space in its place. This is probably mostly fine but for me it was causing large amounts of white space in my rendered templates and needless changes in git diffs. ... continue reading

node 11ty nunjucks

NVM Install and Usage Ubuntu 2004

22nd July 2020

Node version manager (NVM) allows you to run different version of Node on your system which is very helpful for testing and ensuring that the Node version you test on is the same as the Node version you run in production. This is just a quick post on how to install and use (NVM) on... continue reading

node nvm javascript

Cisco ACI Tips and Tricks

3rd July 2020

Cisco ACI does things a bit differently to traditional networking. I find myself constantly duck hunting to do simple things so I am documenting them here so they are easier for me to fine. Get VRF Names Get a list of VRFs with the show vrf command from a leaf node. How to... continue reading

cisco aci networking

Create a Windows 10 bootable USB on MacOS

30th June 2020

If you have Parallels use that to create a Windows 10 VM and use Windows Media Creator to create the bootable USB. I recently built a PC that I intend to use for gaming and recording content on and I want to use Windows 10 as the operating system. I only had a Macbook and needed... continue reading

windows macos parallels rant

USB to Serial Console from MacOS

26th June 2020

I recently had to connect to some network equipment via the console port using my trusty USB to serial adapter. This is just a quick post outlining the process on MacOS. Dude! Where's My Console? Firstly plug in your USB-to-Serial and find its location under the /dev/... continue reading

shell networking screen

Starship Prompt Install and Configure

18th May 2020

Over the years I have customised my shell prompt to make it "cool" and "informative". Previously I have used powerline and powerlevel10k. Both were pretty nice, with powerlevel10k being the much faster of the two. I recently came across the Starship project which looks... continue reading


Growing a Beard

15th May 2020

It's 2020 and the world is coming to an end. Everyone is in lock down due to some kind of killer bat virus. I have always wanted to grow a beard and seeing every one with their awesome lock down beards has inspired me to grow one of my own. The Problem I'll be 41 this year. I was... continue reading

non-technical beard

NodeJS Notes: Functions

13th May 2020

Functions allow you to implement repeatable block of code. Functions are first class objects. Functions are called in order to execute the code within the function. Functions have a variable scope that is local to the function itself. Standard Functions // Typescript version with... continue reading

node javascript typescript

AWS S3 Cloudfront Static Website Hosting

9th May 2020

I recently migrated my blog to AWS, since it was mostly static content I did not see much point in maintaining at VM and a tech stack just to to host static content. It was overkill. There are a lot of options for hosting a static site these days but since I am currently ... continue reading


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