Add Stimulus JS to a Rails 6 app

19th January 2021

Stimulus JS is a "A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have." The aim of the project is to sprinkle your webapp with Javascript to load dynamic content as opposed to building your entire frontent with JS. In this post I will cover the process of installing... continue reading

rails stimulusjs

Rails 6 Has and Belongs To Many Gotchas

17th January 2021

I recently came across a couple of caveates when working with has_and_belongs_to_many relationships with Rails. This post covers them and how to solve or work around them. Software Versions Rails - Many to Many Relationship Type When creating a many to many... continue reading


Add Friendly ID to a Rails 6 App

5th January 2021

Friendly ID, is a ruby gem that makes adding slugs to your Rails records painless giving you nice human readible URI's. Instead of accessing URI's by their database ID: /site/23 they are accessed via /site/hogwarts instead. Much better. In this post I will show you how... continue reading

rails friendlyid

Rails 6 Database Record Pagination with Pagy

4th January 2021

In this post I will outline a method the paginate database records in a Rails 6 app using the Pagy. gem. I will also cover the process of styling the paging navbar with bootstrap and font awesome icons. Software The following software was used in this post. Rails -... continue reading

rails pagy bootstrap fontawesome

2021 Goals

1st January 2021

2020 was a bit of a write off. 2021 is the year that the empire of Brad strikes back. 2021 Goals Health and Fitness Family Certifications Books Automation Mansformation Health and Fitness This year I will continue the healthy lifestyle and I am setting myself some... continue reading



1st January 2021

My number one certification goal for 2021 is the PCNSA 10 certification. I require it for my new role so I am getting stuck right in. In this post I will document the resources and links to my personal notes for the PCNSA 10 certification. I will update this document as I... continue reading

certification palo-alto

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