Juniper vQFX 18.4R1.8 Vagrant Libvirt Box Install

1st September 2019

In this post I will cover how to create a Juniper vQFX Vagrant box 18.4R1.8 for use with the vagrant-libvirt provider. This is an update to a previous post post. Thankfully Juniper has released newer versions of the vQFX vagrant boxes for the Virtual box provider that can be utilized... continue reading

vagrant juniper libvirt

Juniper vMX 19.1R1.6 Vagrant Libvirt Box Install

31st August 2019

In this post I will cover how to create a Juniper vMX 19.1R1.6 Vagrant box for use with the vagrant-libvirt provider. This post is an update to a previous post post that covers an earlier version. Prior to installing the vMX there are some required steps to get the KVM host ... continue reading

vagrant juniper libvirt

Install Golang Ubuntu1804

22nd August 2019

This will just be a quick post on how to install Golang on Ubuntu 1804. There will be no earth shattering knowledge bombs, it's more of a documentation post for myself. Others may or may not find it useful. Code versions used for this lab Ubuntu - 1804 Golang - 1.12.9 ... continue reading

golang linux

Gitlab Gitaly Error

23rd June 2019

After a power failure of the instance hosting my gitlab server I began getting errors when trying to access existing projects (404) or create new projects (503) from the web interface. I could see the list of projects but if I clicked on the link to any of them I would get a 404 errors.... continue reading

linux gitlab troubleshooting

Cisco SDWAN Command Comparison Cheat Sheet

12th June 2019

Our Cisco SDWAN account rep provided our team with a command cheat sheet that compares commands from the Viptela vEdge platform to the Cisco cEdge platform. This could be useful for others and with permission I am re-producing it here almost verbatim. I only cleaned it up, added a couple... continue reading

sdwan cisco viptela networking

Narbik CCIE Routing and Switching v5.1 Workbook NETMAP

8th June 2019

I recently purchased Narbiks CCIE routing and switching v5.1 workbook bundle. Some of the labs in the workbook use devices with serial interfaces. I run most of my lab in Vagrant/KVM/Qemu. Qemu does not support serial interfaces and I dont have any physical devices any more. Shit! What... continue reading

networking cisco iol narbik ccie

Cisco SDWAN Self Hosted Lab Part 2

3rd June 2019

This is the second post in a two part series on building a self hosted Cisco SDWAN lab using an enterprise CA for certificates. You can find the first part here. In this part I will install the controller stack: vManage vBond vSmart Along with the WAN edges: ... continue reading

sdwan cisco networking kvm libvirt

Cisco SDWAN Self Hosted Lab Part 1

2nd June 2019

One of the posts I get contacted about the most is this one on how the setup a self hosted Viptela control plane. Since Cisco acquired Viptela the process has changed and is now (IMO) a bit simpler. With the release of SDWAN software version 19.1.0 it is now possible to use... continue reading

sdwan cisco networking

LDAP Search Active Directory

31st May 2019

I recently had to migrate authentication for a service from FIPA to Active Directory. It was a bit of fluffing around because the directory structure in FIPA did not exactly align with the directory structure in AD. In this post I will demonstrate how to use the ldapsearch command to... continue reading

linux windows ldap active-directory

Dell R610 Ubuntu 1804 Install Error

26th May 2019

When attempting to install the Ubuntu 1804 server spin on a Dell R610 I use for labs I encountered an error. The image that is available from the main downloads page links to a live installer. When I tried to install from this image, the installer would crash and restart when trying to... continue reading

linux ubuntu dell

Self Hosted Vagrant Cloud

24th May 2019

It is possible to host your own Vagrant "cloud" on premises. You might want to do this to align with your companies security policy and or to host your custom Vagrant boxes. There are a number of methods to serve your Vagrant boxes, in this post I will show you how to build a web... continue reading

vagrant apache

Vagrant Libvirt Install CentOS 7

24th May 2019

This post will cover the process of installing Vagrant with the libvirt provider on CentOS 7. For reference the following software will be used in this post. CentOS - 7 Vagrant - 2.2.4 Vagrant-libvirt - 0.0.45 Before we begin, lets ensure the host is updated. cmd ... continue reading

vagrant centos libvirt

Powerline Install and Setup for Ubuntu Bash on Windows

18th May 2019

I am currently using a Windows 10 laptop as my main OS. IMHO Microsoft has really turned it around as a company in recent years and I no longer think of them as M$ Virus Corp!! I still live in a terminal session for a lot of my day and I am not ready give up on Bash just yet. The... continue reading

windows wsl linux bash

Vortex Race3 Key Remap

11th May 2019

I recently purchased the Vortex Race3 mechanical keyboard. I really love this keyboard, it has Cherry MX brown switches with 4 layers of arbitrary key programming. I like this board because its almost as compact as a 60% keyboard but has almost the same number of keys as a ten key... continue reading

non-technical mechanical-keyboards

StackStorm Ansible Pack Usage

28th April 2019

StackStorm has the ability to run Ansible playbooks. In this post I will install and configure the Ansible pack and create a workflow to test out the functionality. I have StackStorm installed on a Centos7 host. The following software versions will be utilised as part of this lab.... continue reading

stackstorm ansible