Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool from the wonderful people at Hashicorp. Terraform makes it really enjoyable to manage infrastructure on platforms such as AWS, Azure, VMware vSphere and OpenStack among many others. This short post will run through installing Terraform on Ubuntu 1804.


Terraform is distributed as a standalone binary which can be downloaded for the target system here. The latest release at the time of writing is 0.11.10.

Download and unzip Terraform.

cd ~/Downloads/

Create a directory for the Terraform binary. I like to keep standalone applications in the /opt directory.

sudo mkdir /opt/terraform
sudo mv terraform /opt/terraform/

Symlink the Terraform binary to a location that is in your $PATH. I will use the /usr/local/bin/ directory.

sudo ln -s /opt/terraform/terraform /usr/local/bin/

Now you will have access to the terraform cli command.

terraform --version

# output
Terraform v0.11.10


Terraform is a great application for managing your infrastructure as code. Now you know how to install it, checkout the docs for usage examples and go out and build something awesome.


Published: 2018-10-31