I migrated away from an iphone to an Android phone recently and MMS was not working. I was unable to send or receive MMS and it was pretty annoying as I was not getting funny memes from all of my non-existant friends. It looks like this is a pretty common issue going back years and years based on the forum threads that are around. How did I fix it. Read on to find out...

What Didn't Work

There where a number of things that did not work for me, they may work for you though. This is what I tried that failed.

  • Turning of imessage on the iphone
  • Turning of facetime on the iphone
  • Deregistering the iphone from imessage
  • Adding another APN profile with the MMS settings
  • Resetting the network settings on the android
  • Multiple different messaging apps on the android

What Did Work

At this point I was pretty sure it was an issue at the carriers end. I contacted my carrier (Optus) and they reset my MMS settings on their end. Low and behold. Success! I can now send and receive MMS.


In conclusion. If you have this issue don't waste hours on it like I did and ask your carrier fiddle with the MMS settings on their end.