NMAP is a tool for network discovery and auditing. This is not a comprehensive tutorial, only a quick reference source. Consult the man pages and/or documentation for indepth explanation of commands.

Port Scan

Top Ports

Scan the top N number of ports

nmap --top-ports 10

UDP Scan

UDP scans require sudo privilege

sudo nmap -sU -p 53

Ping Sweep


Ping sweep a subnet

nmap -sP


NPing allows you to generate packets.

Gratuitous ARP

Target a host with a GARP reply

sudo nping -c 1 --arp-sender-mac 08:00:27:ba:6c:7f \
                --arp-sender-ip --arp-type ar \
                --arp-target-mac 08:00:27:74:99:3b \
                --interface eth1 --dest-mac 08:00:27:74:99:3b


Last Updated: 2017-09-29