There are a number of methods to define variables in Go.

// Initialise variable with its zero value
// explicitly defining the variables type
var stuff string
// Assign a value to "stuff" variable
stuff = "stuff"

// Initialise variable and assign a value
var stuff string = "stuff"

// Shortcut method to initialise variable and assign a value
// The type will be inferred from the value
// This method can only be used inside a function
stuff := "stuff"

// Declare multiple variables on a single line
var stuff, things string = "stuff", "things"

// Alternate method to declare multiple variables
var (
    stuff = "stuff"
    things = "things"

// Constants are variables were the value cannot be changed
const stuff string = "stuff"


  • Variable names must begin with a letter or a number
  • When a variable is declared but not yet assigned it has a default value for its type
  • A variable that is declared must be used
  • Constants can only be assigned at the package level
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