Arrays are a collection of values of the same type.

// create an array that can hold 2 elements
var stuff [2]string

// assign values to the array
stuff[0] = "blah"
stuff[1] = "bleh"

// shortcut to create an array and assign values
stuff := [2]string{"blah", "bleh"}

// let the go compiler dynamically determine the length of the array
stuff := [...]string{"blah", "bleh"}

// iterating an array
for i := 0; i < len(stuff); i++ {
    // do something with stuff[i]

// iterating an array with range
// the first position (i) is the iteration number
// the second position (v) is the value
for i, v := range stuff {
    // do something with i and v

// if the iteration position is not required
// _ is a throw away variable that does not need to be used
for _, v := range stuff {
    // do something with v


  • All elements of an array must be of the same type
  • Arrays are rarely used directly in Go
  • Arrays are the backing store for slices which is more commonly used for a list of elements
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