I am currently using Ubuntu 1604 as the OS on my laptop. It generally works well apart from one thing ... The FRACKING NVIDIA DRIVERS.

Nvidia you can go and die in a pit fire. At least 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months the driver update has stopped the system from booting. It gets to a black screen after the bios and never makes it to X-Window.

Since I have to google every time on how to fix this I am documenting it here. I will not be installing the Nvidia drivers again.


Press Esc or space after the bios to access the GRUB menu.

Navigate to > (Some Kernel) Recovery mode > Advanced Options for Ubuntu > root terminal

Mount drive as read-write

mount --options remount,rw /

Remove Nvidia Drivers

apt purge nvidia*


reboot now

Hopefully Ubuntu will now boot into the X-Window normally.

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