I recently started using Fedora 36 which uses Gnome 42. It is really nice out of the box, but I wanted to change the theme. Gnome 42 requires the themes to be installed in a different location to prevous versions of Gnome. In this post I will show you where to install Gnome 42 themes.


In this post I will be installing the Tokyo Night theme. Download the repo as a Zip file, then unzip the file.


Theme Directories

Depending on the version of GTK themes need to be placed in the correct directory. Place the themes in the following directories.

  • GTK3 - ~/.themes/ .
  • GTK4 - ~/.config/gtk-4.0/ .

Create the required directories.

mkdir ~/.themes
mkdir -p ~/.config/gtk-4.0/

Install Theme

Move the GTK3 theme to the ~/.themes/ directory.

cp -r ~/Downloads/Tokyo-Night-GTK-Theme-mthemes go in theaster/themes/Tokyonight* ~/.themes

Move the GTK4 theme to the ~/.config/gtk-4.0/ directory.

cp -r Tokyo-Night-GTK-Theme-master/themes/Gnome42/* ~/.config/gtk-4.0/

Now rename the desired GTK4 theme to gtk.css .

cp ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk-Tokyonight-Dark-B.css ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css

Select Theme

GTK3 themes can be selected with Gnome tweaks application. The GTK4 theme will be automatically activated.

Any open GTK4 windows will need to be restarted to activate the theme.

And thats it! Shinny new themes for Fedora 36 and Gnome 42 🥳


In this post, I showed you how to install themes for fedora 36 with Gnome 42. Nothing left to do now except enjoy!