On Windows, I use the ZOC terminal for telnet/SSH session. Naturally, I wanted to also use ZOC as the terminal for the EVE-NG web console. So when you click on a node, it opens a tabbed session in ZOC automatically. This was not so straight forward and I burned alot of cycles trying to make it work. Hopefully, this post will save future Brad some time and maybe even someone else too.

Software Version Used

  • Firefox - 83.0
  • EVE-NG Pro - 3.0.1-16
  • ZOC - 8.01.2

Before We Begin

No amount of adding / changing registry settings worked. Changing any is a waste of time.

Once I had figured most of this out and I was trying to get each session to open in a new tab in ZOC rather than it's own ZOC window I came across this excellent post by ccie-or-die. That outlined the process. I wish I had found it earlier as it would have saved me a bunch of time.

Firefox Settings

To use your local host terminal program, when you login to the web interface you need to select the Native Console option.

Once a node is started a telnet link is created for the node telnet://x.x.x.x:y:yyyy

If you click on a node and there is no pop up to ask how you want to open the type of link, do the following:

At the browser bar type about:config and press ENTER . Then press the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

type network.protocol-handler.expose.telnet into the search box.

If the value does not exist press the + button to add it and be sure to set it as a boolean type with the value to false

Now restart Firefox and log back into the EVE-NG web interface. You should get a popup asking you which program you want to use to open telnet links.

Browse to the location of your ZOC intall, the default is: C:\\Program Files\ZOC8\zoc.exe and select it.

ZOC should now open when you click on node links in the EVE-NG web interface.

I was originally getting a EVP_CIPHER_CTX DLL error from ZOC when clicking on links. I raised a case with ZOC and it was resolved in version 8.01.2.

ZOC Tabs

Finally, to have each link open as a tab in ZOC add the following content to a commandline.ini file in the C:\Program Files\ZOC8\ folder.

# C:\Program Files\ZOC8\commandline.ini



Thats it! Thats the post! If you followed along you should now be able connect to your EVE-NG nodes via the web interface in a tabbed ZOC terminal session.

# eveng
# zoc