As is tradition for this time of year, I write down my goals for the year ahead.

Health and Fitness

Last year, I did not do a good job of keeping up with my fitness goals. In 2024, health and fitness will be my primary focus. I managed to jack up my knee towards the end of 2023 and I have a knee surgery booked in for the 25th of January.

By the 31st Decemeber 2024, I will have achieved the following goals.

  • 70kgs body weight.
  • Less than 10% body fat.
  • Knee back to pre-injury functionality.


On the family front this year, I will be concetrating on one thing. Giving my family my full attention. When we are doing things together, I will be fully present. 100% physically and mentally engaged. That's it.


Certification tracks are a good way to structure learning when diving into new technologies. Also, if done right, can help you gain a certain level of expertise.

At a certain point, experience is more valuable than certifications. Unless you work for a partner company, I don't see much reason to keep certifications up to date.

Moving forward, I will only be doing 0-2 certifications per year. I have many other things I would rather do than run on the certification hampster wheel. If my certifications expire, I don't really care.

I am working more in the cloud space now, so my focus will be there. I will complete the following certifications before 28th Februrary 2024.

  • AWS Advanced Networking Speciality.
  • Azure Networking Speciality.


Now that I am working more with the cloud, the level of abstraction is higher than with on-premises infrastructure. When consuming cloud services, you are often limited to the various logging and monitoring options provided by the cloud and you don't have access to the underlying infrastructure.

I will be focusing on understanding "what" observability is and how to implement it in the cloud. I have a need for this in $JOB to help ensure the reliability of our cloud services.


I have been interested in Kubernetes for a while and 2024 is the year I dig in. I have some k8s projects comming up at work, so I want to prepare myself by building a k8s lab in my home network.

I will have a production ready k8s cluster running in my home network by the 30th April 2024.


Over the last few years, I have been writing more and more programs in Rust. This year I will focus on gaining a real understanding of Async Rust specifically the Tokio runtime.

I didn't get to complete crafting interpreters with Rust last year, so I would like to get to the point I can complete it this year.


This year I will read 25 books. About a book every 2 weeks. I have been reading to my kids at night again and it's been alot of fun, I will continue to do this.

I have also been trying to read faster, so when I read a fiction book to myself, I will try to read it in a week.