The year is 2023, and after the last couple of crazy years I am looking forward to hammering out a great year in 2023. This is my plan.


Over the last few years, I have been making a concerted effort to spend quality time with my family. This year is no different and it's top of my priority list. These are the main items:

  • Dinner at resturant 1x per/month with my partner
  • Lunch 1x per/month with adult daughter
  • 1x family holiday
  • 2x boys (9/6 years) playing a sport
  • 30 minutes of outside play with my boys per day

House Renovations

Last year, we bought a house 🥳. It is 20+ years old and looking a bit dated, so this year we are looking to do some renovations to spruce it up a bit.

  • Add a Patio and Deck
  • Renovate Kitchen
  • Hardwood Floors throughout (except bathrooms)
  • Renovate 2x Bathrooms
  • Paint inside walls and roof
  • Tidy up Front Yard

I will be doing some of these myself, so it's going to be a pretty busy year. Hopefully we can get most of it done. It's very hard to get trades at the moment, so some of it might bleed into 2024.


Last year I started learning (and loving) Rust. This year, I will continue to dig deeper into the language. I feel like I have just scratced the surface but I am committed to getting more proficient. By the end the year I would like to be able to complete Crafting Interpreters in Rust.


After a hectic last couple of years, I am feel like I have the mental energy to study again. This year I will continue to persue cloud certifications in AWS and if I can get funding and support from my company, an Offensice Security certifcation. The list of certs I am targeting is:

  • AWS - Advanced Networking Speciality
  • AWS - Security Speciality
  • AWS - Solutions Architect Professional
  • OSCP - PEN200

Health and Fitness

Now that I have my pain cave setup it is much more convenient to get my workouts in. I am therfore setting some ambitious fitness goals this year.

  • Cycling - Average 200km/week
  • Stretching - 30 minutes/day
  • Flexibility - Do the splits
  • Body Fat - ~5%


Reading (and listening) to non-technical books has been a really good mental stress break for me over the last few years. This year I will continue to target reading 25 non-technical books.


That's my plan. Time for me to start make it happen. Wishing you much success with your plans too ✌️