2020 was a bit of a write off. 2021 is the year that the empire of Brad strikes back.

2021 Goals

  • Health and Fitness
  • Family
  • Certifications
  • Books
  • Automation
  • Mansformation

Health and Fitness

This year I will continue the healthy lifestyle and I am setting myself some ambitous targets.

The goal is to be jacked and shredded AF at 8% body fat. My core targets to achieve that goal are as follows:

  • 1000 pushups a week
  • 1000 burpies a week
  • 1000 chinups a week
  • 1000 kettle bell swings a week
  • 200 rollouts a week

My cycling goal for the year is 300+ FTP and 200+ kms a week.

I am also entering a half iron man in March. Good times.


Family time is going to be a huge focus again this year. Although im unable to make any plans at the moment due to covid I am hoping to get away a couple of times with the kids. Last year I had a great time with my kids at every opportunity and that will coninute this year.


Forget the OX, this year is the year of the certification.


I am starting a new job in late January and as part of that role I need to get certed up Palo Alto products. Getting to the PCNSE 10 is first on the list.

AWS Solution Architect Associate

I have been using AWS a fair bit over the last year and AWS skills are more and more in demand. This one is next on the list.


All of my Cisco certs have expired. I have been doing a bit of SP work over the last couple of years, mostly with Juniper tech and Cisco is an important player in this part of the network space. The CCNP SP is the first step on route to the CCIE SP


Alot of the theory around service provider routing and switching is transferable between Cisco and Juniper certs. While studying for the CCNP SP I will in parallel, study for the JNCIP SP. I will do this by completing labs with both Cisco and Junper routers/switches and filling in the vendor specific theory gaps where needed.


I will continue my goal of reading / listening to 20 non-technical books in 2021. I have a pile of physical books that need reading and ALOT of audible books to get through.


I have been working on a secret network automation project. At some point this year, I plan to release it to the world.


I have been going through a process of growing my hair and growing a beard since May 2020. That process will continue in 2021 until I reach Jason Mamoa level of Manliness.


2021. Let it be better than 2020. Dont wait for doors to open though, kick them off the hinges.