Its 2020 a new year and a new decade. I want to start the next decade with a bang and not spend it like I spend the last decade working myself to death. My goals for this year are primarily personal. I still have career related goals but they are not my primary focus.

2020 Goals

  • 10% body fat
  • Family
  • Read 20 non-technical books
  • Play more guitar
  • Golang

10% body fat

Last year I wanted to lose 20 kilos, I lost 18 so that was pretty close. This year the healthy lifestyle will continue. I am more focused on reducing my body fat down to around 10% and building lean muscle than focusing on a weigh loss goal. Based on past experience somewhere between 70-75 kilos is my optimal weight even though im a hobbit at 158cm. I need to get measured so I know my starting point but will update the post once I find out.


As with 2019 my focus on spending quality family time with my kids will continue. I share custody of them with their mum so when they are with me I want to make sure we are all having a good time and creating happy memories.

Read 20 Non-Technical Books

In 2019 I read and listened to a lot of books. I will keep doing that this year and aim for a book every 2 week ruffly.

Play More Guitar

I have been playing guitar on and off for about 12 years and im still not very good at it. I will attempt to play for 30 minutes a day and learn to play 5 songs.


Last year I started learning Golang and picked up the basics. This year in January/February I am dedicating more time to really dig into Golang. I have a couple of projects in mind that I am looking to write in Golang so that will begin after February.


This is a bit of a loose goal. Right now I dont have the motivation to start this journey. January and February are really busy months for me at work, but after that if I can find the motivation to go for the JNCIP-SP I will start studying in March.


2020 is shaping up to be a great year. This year I will primarily focus on myself and my family. Im looking forward to living a healthy physical, mental and emotional lifestyle. I hope you all have a fabulous 2020. Peace out!