Writing down what I want to achieve helps me stay focused and keeps me from getting distracted by all the shinny things in the world.

2019 Goals

  • Loose 20kgs
  • Family
  • Read 20 non-technical books
  • Azure solution architect
  • One post a week
  • Move to rails

Loose 20kgs

Over the last 10 years I have developed a serious case of fatbastarditis. This is the year I start to focus on my health again. Starting weight 89.9kgs.


I will be making more of an effort to spend quality time with my family. Work/Career goals have gotten in the way of that in the past decade and its time for that to stop happening.

Read 20 Non-Technical Books

In 2018 I started reading to my son (who is 4) at night. We read quite a lot of books (notably the Harry Potter books 1-6) and I realised that I forgot how much I love reading. To say I read a lot of technical material (books, blogs, white papers, etc...) would be a tremendous understatement. This year I want to read at least 20 non-technical books (1 every 2 weeks approx.)


Networking is still valuable in the programmatic world we live in. I dont think certs are all that important but I want to focus on Networking again this year and moving through a cert track is a good way to do it. I would like to get to the IP level time permitting.

Azure Solution Architect

Get Azure solutions architect certified. Cloud is not going away and Azure is IMO going to be the most utilized cloud by enterprises. Its also very nice to work with which is another reason I want to focus on Azure.

One Post A Week

I want to average one post a week on This will be a combination of blog posts and study notes. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but 52+ come December 31 2019.

Move To Rails

Ruby on rails is an awesome web framework. I want to move is currently built on Django to Rails. This will be a bit of a slow process and will likely take a few months working on it here and there.


I'll update this post throughout the year with my progress. It's 5:30am so im off to work on goal #1.