Ubuntu 1804 Netplan Bridge Interface Configuration

How to configure a bridge interface with netplan on Ubuntu 1804 server.
2nd November 2019

linux ubuntu networking

Install Golang Ubuntu1804

Installing Golang on Ubuntu 1804.
22nd August 2019

golang linux

Gitlab Gitaly Error

Gitlab gitaly issue causing 404 and 503 errors.
23rd June 2019

linux gitlab troubleshooting

LDAP Search Active Directory

Use the ldapsearch command to query Microsoft Active Directory.
31st May 2019

linux windows ldap active-directory

Dell R610 Ubuntu 1804 Install Error

Error while trying to install Ubuntu 1804 on a Dell R610 server.
26th May 2019

linux ubuntu dell

Powerline Install and Setup for Ubuntu Bash on Windows

Install and configure Powerline for Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10.
18th May 2019

windows wsl linux bash

Gnome3 Customise Shell Theme

Customise a Gnome3 user shell theme.
21st December 2018


KVM Host High CPU Fix

Fix 100% CPU with CSR 1000v, vMX, etc.. VMs.
8th September 2018


Dell XPS 15 (9560) Ubuntu 1804 Setup

Install and setup Ubuntu 1804 on Dell XPS.
25th August 2018

linux ubuntu dell

Linux Shell Tips and Tricks

A collection of useful linux shell tips and tricks.
6th July 2018


Linux Routing On The Host With FRR

Enable routing on the host in Linux with free range routing.
5th January 2018

linux networking frr

Linux Network Components Used In Openstack

The components used under the hood in Openstack Neutron networks.
8th November 2017

linux networking openstack

Frack You Nvidia

Remove Nvidia drivers from GRUB after black screen.
30th October 2017

rant linux

Linux Networking

Configuring network components on Linux.
12th October 2017

linux networking